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Trailing the Hunter Cover Reveal


I’m happy to reveal the cover for my new historical novel, TRAILING THE HUNTER, created by the talented Tim Barber of Dissect Designs. Isn’t it wonderful? He really did a great job and captured feelings of both hope and despair that the strong female protagonist, Clara Dahl, experiences.

New historical novel by Heidi Eljarbo

As I finished writing the novel Catching a Witch, I knew Clara still had much more to tell us. I was curious and wanted to see what she would do next and let her follow the witch-finder, Angus Hill, to Berg, a small village in southeastern Norway.

Then what?

The year is 1661 and superstition tends to overrule the otherwise faithful little village. Get ready to meet the villagers of Berg and laugh and cry with Clara as she opposes the witch-finder.

Trailing the Hunter is the sequel to Catching a Witch and will be available 30 October 2019. Stay tuned for updates and more news before then. Both books about Clara Dahl can be read as stand-alone novels but reading both will make the story fuller.

Catching a Witch is on Kindle Countdown sale on for $0.99 for the next few days. If you have not read it yet, I will say in the words of Clara, “make haste” and grab a copy.

About Trailing the Hunter:

A ruthless witch-finder.

One determined woman.

1661 in southeastern Norway.

Clara Dahl has made a decision. She has seen the dread and sorrow witch-finder Angus Hill has caused in her hometown and sets out to find him. Her goal is to fight the wrongful and wicked misconceptions about witch hunting. But the witch-finder’s influence is strong. How can she warn the villagers of something they don’t understand?

Clara’s heartfelt desire is to protect and rescue the women who are in danger without causing more harm. As Clara develops secret plots to thwart the plans of the notorious witch-finder and works to help the villagers, she finds friendship and the possibility of true love.

“A spellbinder from the very beginning. Eljarbo’s sound historical research is evident and impressive.” — Gus A. Mellander, Ph. D., D.H.L.

So there you have it. I am thrilled to share this with you and hope you will enjoy Clara’s story. Writing it has been an amazing journey. TRAILING THE HUNTER releases in a few weeks.

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