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It's a SALE - no April Fools

Sale Catching a Witch 1-7- April 2019

Catching a Witch will be on SALE at $0.99 for a 7-day Kindle Countdown Deal from April 1 - 7, 2019.

This is your chance to get the book for less than a dollar.

Catching a Witch has been a #1 bestseller on two lists on Amazon several times.

Here is what some of the readers have said:

Catching a Witch has to be one of the most riveting books I’ve read this year.

Heidi Eljarbo’s writing is phenomenal. She wrote in a way that made me feel like I was an active participant in the story.

- Amazon Review

The flavor of her writing is rich in magical tones… Welcome to the fold of gifted writers of the historic genre, Heidi Eljarbo. You have established a solid audience!

- Grady Harp, Art and Poetry Reviewer for POETS and ARTISTS magazine

Catching A Witch is one of those books that is guaranteed to give you goose-bumps and keep you thinking long after you tuck yourself in bed. Excellent read and based on fact. Do yourself a favor.... read this book.

- Rose Sefton, author

I like the way Heidi Eljarbo unravels these characters one at a time. I could not put this book down once I started it. I wanted to know what happens to the characters. - Robert G Yokoyama, book reviewer atVINE VOICE.

Author Heidi Eljarbo, a talented and thoughtful writer. I am a trained historian, Ph. D., so I appreciate the author’s knowledge and careful adherence to facts. Events artfully woven into the fabric of this novel are believable and will not be easily forgotten.

- Gus A. Mellander, Ph.D., D.H.L

You'll enjoy a roller coaster of emotions with this book, but most of all, you'll just enjoy reading it. I'm so glad I was given a copy to review. I believe you'll enjoy it too.

- Leigh Neely, author

An excellent and empowering read for women who want to step out of their restrictive boxes and dare to be bigger, better versions of themselves.

Sandy Penny, author

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