The Other Cipher

Author: Heidi Eljarbo
Series: Soli Hansen Mysteries, Book Two
Genre: Historical Mystery, Clean Read

In the captivating second book of the Soli Hansen Mysteries, two women—separated by more than three hundred years—are connected through their love of art.

1613. Fabiola Ruber has been wed to a man she does not know and must live in a country with a new language and different customs. The memories of lost love in her hometown Malta haunt her, and she sets out to find an artist who can do her portrait and recapture the feelings she had when she once modeled for a renowned Italian master painter.

1944. Four years into World War II, art historian Soli Hansen works with the Norwegian resistance to locate significant artwork and safeguard the pieces from the Nazis. When she finds out the Germans are after a hidden baroque depiction of a seventeenth-century woman, she must muster all her courage and skills to decipher encrypted codes and preserve the mysterious art before it’s too late.

Both women are determined to do what they can to bring healing and redemption to their otherwise ominous future. Through tangled, bewildering clues and an eye for detail, Soli’s bond to Fabiola grows closer by the day. She must find the missing painting before the enemy does.

Ranging from a privileged life in seventeenth century Antwerp to Oslo during the German occupation of the second world war, this dual timeline is a historical mystery thriller that will keep you guessing until the very end.

Perfect for fans of Kate Morton, Lucinda Riley, and Rhys Bowen.

Early Praise for Book:
Another great one! I thought the characters, old and new were great and the intrigue was really there. Once again your descriptions were spot on and I could visualize everything.
Thanks so much for letting me experience more of your talent!
...  keep them coming!
Much suspense and scary ciphers in the book. Exciting how it all ties together.

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