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“A delightful holiday read…a gentle reminder to take time to find the memories and moments that make Christmas magical.” –Chalon Linton, author of Historical Romance and Christian Fiction

Nostalgia and Christmas miracles burn bright in this uplifting and heartwarming story about new beginnings and falling in love under a blanket of stars.

“Reading Fair Mountain Christmas gave me the same warm feeling as curling up in front of a fire with a cup of hot chocolate.” –Lynn Morrison, author of the Oxford Key Mysteries

Readers love Fair Mountain Christmas:

"A heartwarming story with a great message of the importance of love and family."

"A snowy scene, a warm cabin, a family rift, a little mystery, and a little romance spark the perfect story and keep the reader entranced until the end."

"The fact that it takes place at Christmas time, is in the mountains with snow, takes place in the ’70s, and has numerous examples of a Norwegian Christmas endeared me to the book."

"The author demonstrates amazing insight into what really makes Christmas a special holiday, not only for children but for everyone."

"This was a magical Christmas story about family, love, loss, and relationships. Anyone looking for a heartwarming Christmas tale will need to read this book!"

"A sweet story to remind you that we need to look ahead and embrace the blessings we have and not at our losses."

"Such a heartwarming story! Just what every Christmas should bring - old memories and traditions with family and new love! Great read for young and old!"

"What a fun escape!!! Reads like a Hallmark movie with a Norwegian twist! This could definitely be a Hallmark movie!!! Really fun quick read!!!"

So happy to share this book with you. Read more about the novella and get your eBook or paperback copy here:

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