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"The premise of the plot was well crafted and intriguing. (No spoilers, suffice to say the painting hanging in the National Gallery is discovered to be a forgery.) The author clearly knows her stuff where art is concerned, and I was interested enough to Google for more information about the painting, Gainsborough, and Mr and Mrs Andrews.
I especially enjoyed Ms Eljarbo's dual-time element of re-creating scenes with Mr Gainsborough and his wife Margaret, and the Andrews, which naturally included these characters' feelings and thoughts behind the creation of the painting. Very cleverly done.
The mystery side of the novel, and another crime which was committed later in the story, was as intriguing as the history of the painting itself. Unravelling what was amiss with the painting, how it was a forgery, who was responsible for the forgery and where was the original painting, was absorbing reading, well researched and very plausible." Helen Hollick, USA Today bestselling author

"Once again, author Heidi Eljarbo leads readers through the highs and lows of the art world. Set against the backdrop of 1970s London, The London Forgery is sure to be a new favourite for historical mystery fans." Lynn Morrison, bestselling cozy mystery author

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New Historical Cozy Mystery Series

It's fun. It's full of suspense and action. It takes you back to London in the groovy seventies and whisks you even further back to the classical Georgian era in 1750.

  • Nominated for Whitney Award

  • Has acquired an orange flag on Aamazon as #1 Bestseller in Scandinavian Literature

  • And #1 New Release in Scandinavian Literature

Readers say,

"Heidi Eljarbo has written another fascinating book utilizing her knowledge of art history and her skill of descriptive writing that immediately draws the reader into this story. The author is a master at incorporating dual timelines in her novels to provide background information, and she does not disappoint in this story. "

"The female protagonist is strong and smart. Love that about all of Ms. Eljarbo’s novels."

"This story is a fantastic read."


"Cleverly written and completely engaging cozy mystery... This is a completely engrossing story that is delightfully readable as well as informative. With sharp writing and painstaking details, the book educates as it delves into the rich story of an artist, his family life and the subjects of his portraits. The author masterfully delivers a complex story of history and mystery as well as informing the reader about the art of a master artist. Compelling in the storyline and crackling with tension as Fabiola gets closer to solving the mystery, this is one not to be missed by those who enjoy clean reads with fascinating characters and a brilliantly written story."

"Heidi Eljarbø is a master of dual-timeline mysteries!"

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SILVER: Category Winner for 2023 The Historical Fiction Company Book of the Year Contest.
Category: Time Travel/Dual Timeline
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